Blog - The Curious House
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  • The thought of a renovation seems daunting to most people due to the thought of starting from scratch but for the Curious House this is our ideal project!

  • Although I love a wallpaper - and particularly like to place a matching fabric next to a wallpaper, you don’t always need a busy paper or pattern to add texture to a room.

  • Pattern and fabric is such an easy way to add interest to any room. If the thought of committing to a patterned wallpaper scares you in its permanence you can always start wit

  • At the Curious House we specialise in celebrating and cherishing the old, the original, the historic and the reclaimed. Although there are some fantastic paints, papers and wa

  • Furniture is expensive right! furniture should be an investment – especially if you pick quality period pieces that can be reupholstered to fit the room/home. Fabric can

  • Sourcing – i hear you – blaaaaaaaa – its just shopping! anyone can do that. sure everyone can shop but not everyone knows where to look or has the time, incl