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The curious house is a bespoke design and sourcing service. We concentrate on historic houses and their decor, specialising in reclaimed items.

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We can re-envisage a space and template, creating a freestanding reclaimed kitchen or a bespoke reclaimed bathroom, integrating modern life with historic pieces. We can also source one off pieces to complement your existing space. If you like our projects contact us and we can discuss how we can help with your space.

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We specialise in upholstery fabric matching and will carry out some upholstering ourselves.

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The Curious House was set up by Joanne Burgess after renovating a 16th century barn with a Georgian frontage. She set about sourcing historic materials, cobbled floors and reclaimed timber to complement the frame of the existing building whilst transforming it into a modern living space. Earthenware toilets were match​​ed with Georgian cisterns, copper baths were matched with brass radiators whilst a freestanding kitchen was set upon reclaimed roof tiles.

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The result is a mix of styles that blend sympathetically. Joanne specialises in bold fabrics after practicing upholstery for the past 3 years. French chaise longues are covered by Josef Frank prints and turn of the era chairs covered in Morris fabrics. Joanne has no interior training and is self taught, her colourful background of ten years in the music industry helped forge her design ethos. Travelling the world working with a myriad of artists helped her realise an individual style and ethos which can be viewed in her projects. She is based in Oxfordshire looking after her eight year old son and rather rotund dachshund.

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