The allure of stone lamps

I’ve been falling in love with alabaster and marble lamps of late, they are classic and versatile, and although our love affair with marble bathrooms may be waning, there will always be a place for some old school grace with a stone lamp. I like to pair mismatched lamps on a fireplace, this does cause an optical illusion, the need for symmetry achieved, yet the slight differences pique interest!

Shades can make or break a lamp, I have some vintage lamps that I like to keep as styling tools for sale or my go to shade suppliers are Pooky.com, sophiafrances.com and comptonmarbling.co.uk.

I like to source coloured marble or alabaster, these make for real statement pieces and lately I have favoured the unglazed pieces where the veins and patina of the stone shine.

Perhaps my ultimate favourite now is the block alabaster lamp, hewn from one solid piece of alabaster, the stone, in all its beauty, becomes the shade, and when lit they emanate a calmness and a really luxurious feel. I have this one available: https://thecurioushouse.co.uk/product/vintage-turkish-marble-lamp/

And I will shortly be taking delivery of this beauty

Stay calm and save with a stone lamp.