Interior design specialists.
Experts in sourcing and reclaiming historic pieces.

“Welcome to The Curious House, where we specialise in celebrating and cherishing the old, the original, the historic and the reclaimed.”

Joanne Burgess, Founder

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What We Do

Interior Design Service

Here at The Curious House, we seek out and salvage beautiful pieces for historic houses. From bohemian chic to boutique, we blend the modern with the historical to create a stunning impact – no matter how big or small your setting.

With our expert eye for detail and love of interior design and upholstery, we can reimagine your space and bring it to life, whether it’s a freestanding reclaimed kitchen, a bespoke reclaimed bathroom or anything else you’re envisaging. We also specialise in upholstery fabric pairing. We offer a complete room service including joinery design, colour planning, lighting, flooring, furniture sourcing and window treatments for around £500 per room with full home and multi room discounts.
If you like the look of our projects and are curious to know more, we’d love to hear from you.

Three Hour Consultancy Service

Increasingly people are looking for advice and direction rather than a full interior design service. To help with either a room revamp where the owner just doesn’t know where to start or to advise on a new space, when or where to begin can seem overwhelming. In response to this, I’m offering a 3-hour consultation where I come to your home and discuss a space, advise on repositioning, sourcing, flooring, wall colours and coverings, joinery, soft furnishing choices, furniture, lighting and artwork.

Basically a one-stop-shop where I come in with an experienced set of eyes and work out how to get the best out of your space on your budget. I’ll leave design ideas, sourcing options and leave you with a set of ideas to complete the project yourself. The 3-hour rate will be a flat fee of £500 and you are left ready to complete your new space.