fashionable furniture!

Furniture is expensive right! furniture should be an investment – especially if you pick quality period pieces that can be reupholstered to fit the room/home. Fabric can add a splash of interest and dynamism to a room, without having to take the plunge of repainting or wallpapering. Interior design is about making a space and objects work for you and of course following fashion. As we know fashion changes quickly and we can’t be changing our furniture with the flow of fashion change, changing fabric however is a cheaper option or even part re-upholstering a piece; a back can be taken off to add a new colourway, piping can be changed to add a different colourway into a scheme. At the curious house we recently added a skirt onto a chair, which is very ‘ontrend’ at the moment. We still love the St Judes Mark Herald fabric so we simply added a skirt to add interest and of course keep bang up to date with fashion! keep on mixing and matching!