Little projects to do during lockdown!

I am so very bored at looking and the same rooms, the same furniture, the same walls – are you? If you are here are a few things I’ve been doing. I reupholstered a chair using bits and bobs of fabric I had around the house / I appreciate this isn’t something everyone would want to do or attempt but if you are prepared to take the plunge with some fabric that’s not too expensive (you’ll cry if you ruin expesive fabric on your first attempt ) there are so many YouTube tutorials and videos out there! I learnt traditional upholstery which uses traditional materials; so horse hair instead of foam, tacks instead of staples so do your research before you delve in!
One thing I have done which was incredibly easy is paint a few chair legs of the many many chairs I have in stock and around the house. A word of warning with this – only really paint legs you aren’t keen on- it would be a real shame to paint a hand curved leg. But if you are looking at a stumpy old leg dig out some of your tester pots and see if you have a colour which will match one of the accents in your pattern. Or if you have a plain chair choose a complete contrasting colour. This chair was covered years ago in a kateforman.co.uk fabric which I love – but I never loved the legs so I found a tester of stone blue and sulking room pink by farrowandBall.co.uk and painted up the legs. I’m really pleased with the results. All you have to do is gently sand your leg – wipe clean and paint away / please cover your fabric carefully – you don’t want to completely ruin the chair. Usually takes 2-3 coats. Yesterday I ran out of chairs so I decided to repot some plants into vases and jugs I’m not using – most supermarkets are selling geraniums or easy flowering plants at the moment – they are so easy to grow even if you don’t have any drainage in your vase. Put some stones in the bottom to create natural drainage if you are an overwaterer like myself. Hope some of these will keep you busy during this time! Keep safe Jo

Chair reupholstered from fabric I had lying around the house
repotting in pretty vases
Painting chair legs