Our Story

The Curious House was launched in 2017 by Joanne Burgess, following her renovation of a 16th century Oxfordshire barn with a Georgian frontage. Using historic materials, cobbled floors and reclaimed timber, the frame of the existing building was complemented, whilst being transformed into a vibrant, modern living space. Copper baths were matched with brass radiators, earthenware toilets match​​ed with Georgian cisterns, whilst a freestanding kitchen was set upon reclaimed roof tiles.

The result? A quirky, colourful combination of mismatched styles that blend perfectly – and a newfound career for Joanne.

Additionally, Joanne specialises in bold fabrics after practicing upholstery since 2011. She’s covered French chaise lounges with Josef Frank prints and turn of the era chairs with William Morris fabrics. A self-taught interior designer, Joanne’s colourful background of ten years in the music industry helped forge her design ethos. Travelling the world and working with myriad artists developed her individual style and spirit, which are expressed in her projects.

Joanne is based in Oxfordshire with her young son and rather rotund dachshund.